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• Ric H.
Dr Fang & Dr Liu helped me get stronger after my back and hip surgeries. I started out walking with a cane and after several sessions along with physical therapy, I can walk without the cane. Dr Liu was a medical doctor in China so she knows both western medicine and Chinese acupuncture. They are really caring and do their best to help their patients, including my in-laws.

• Billy H.
alice acupuncture center really good. my uncle has serve back pain due from his construction job and has been going there every 2-3 weeks for 1 year now for recovery therapy. Everything has been nothing but positive. The staffs are friendly and the treatment is affordable.

• Monica S.
I was in a car accident and hurt my shoulder and hands from holding the steering wheel too tight during impact. 10 days ago my shoulder felt like it was on fire. It was horrible. And my arm became completely imobile from the elbow up. I came to see Dr Alice Liu and she got the pain under control immediately. I came back for a total of 4 treatments and I have full mobility of my arm again and even my hand pain is subsiding. I’m so excited to be back to normal again. That episode was so scary and painful. I am so grateful for the Dr’s super effective treatment and also her sweet kindness. Thank you Dr. Liu.

• Xiaokai S.
I have been in this clinic for a couple months. Doctor Liu is very professional and so nice to people. The Acupuncture here is surprisingly so useful to relieve my neck and back pain and Doctor Zu has a advanced machine to help adjust the body’s balance. I keep going to this Clinic every weekend and recommend it with 5 stars.

• Carol S.
My daughter was treated by Dr Liu and Dr Fang for her eczema. They applied Fang’s traditional treatment using mini acupuncture needles on my daughter’s head. Though my daughter is only three years old, she is okay with the mini needles on her head. Dr Liu and Dr Fang are so nice to give her candies as bonus every visit. I am so glad that she is totally recovered from eczema and also very healthy. She even nearly got a cold this year.